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Timbers and Finishes

Clear Matt


Golden Dawn


Special Light


Dead Matt








Pale Timber






Black Graded


White Graded


Half Oceanic


Half Chartreuse


Timbers and finishes

ercol work with solid wood and real wood veneers.  We use elm, beech, ash, oak and walnut.  These hardwoods are mainly from North America, Europe and China where the forests are highly sustainable.  Which timber we use depends on which best suits the particular design.

All ercol furniture has a coat of lacquer to protect the furniture in normal use, whilst allowing the beauty of the timber to show through.  On certain ranges, typically those made from ash or elm, we offer a variety of stain finishes ranging from clear and light modern finishes to darker traditional finishes, enabling you to get the appropriate style for you house.  Our oak furniture is typically finished in a clear matt lacquer.  You can see the finishes on the individual product pages within this website or on the range pages at the back of the ercol catalogue.

The great beauty and unique quality of natural timber has always been in the infinite variety of its colour and its grain.  The wood grain and the wood colour in every piece of ercol furniture that you buy will have its own wonderful character that is unique to that piece, giving you a piece of furniture that is one of a kind.  Many natural features of the tree can give variations in the grain and colour which can also be affected by the particular cut of the timber.  These natural features, such as sap, tiger stripes and medullary rays, are not defects but are part of the beauty of natural timber.  Each species of timber also has its own characteristic grain patterns.

Over time natural timber will change it colour.  You should avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight to minimise this.  However, the timber will still naturally mellow over time, providing a beautiful tone.  When you add pieces to your range please be aware that these younger pieces will take time to age and match the colour of your older pieces.